Pergolas & Patios

Would you like to create a beautiful outdoor area in your yard? The pergola or lattice patio cover adds a decorative touch to your outdoor space.

Design Outdoor Living Spaces

Rockwall Landscape Design can install a pergola for you. You can enhance the beauty, appeal, comfort, and value of your home with pergolas. A pergola from Rockwall Landscape Design will complement your backyard perfectly.

Is it important that it matches the style of your home? Pergolas are generally low-maintenance and stylish. A pergola attached to a home will never warp, crack, burn, rot, or become infested with insects. You also won’t have to paint your pergola cover. You can contact Rockwall Landscape Design today for a free estimate.

You Can Increase The Space In Your Home

A pergola allows homeowners to spend more time outdoors in a newly expanded outdoor area since they prioritize their outdoor living spaces. You will enjoy this new outdoor area every day.

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Low Maintenance Materials

These Ultra/Aluma Lattice Patio Covers come in six different colors and four different rafter cuts and are made with a wood-grain texture. With the help of a custom pergola, you can create a perfect extension of your home. At Rockwall Landscape Design, we can help you create an outdoor area that is beautiful and functional.

Pergolas are made of aluminum but appear to be made of high-quality wood. They are not made of real wood, so you don’t have to worry about termites infesting your pergola. The grills and fire pits can also be installed under them without having to worry about them burning.

The Perfect Place For a Pergola

The majority of pergolas are attached to a building or structure. In this case, they resemble semi-covered patios. If a paved surface already surrounds the structure, then these are perfect for homes with very little space. In addition, the attached structure is cheaper and easier to construct. Pergolas can also be built on their own. The most common locations for them are around a garden, near a pool or pond, beside an outdoor kitchen, and near a patio or courtyard. Shade and sun are important factors to consider. These structures are great for providing warmth during winter and a refreshing breeze during summer. A semi-shaded area that allows enough sunrays in will be the ideal place for a pergola.

Freestanding Pergolas

A freestanding pergola is also known as a stand-alone pergola and is the top choice of many homeowners and business owners for a number of reasons. Beautiful garden patios or great barbeque patios can be built with them all year long. Freestanding pergolas would be a good choice for someone who loves to entertain. There is no easier way to make use of your backyard than this. By adding a pergola to a large, empty space, you will create additional shade, a new outdoor space, and extra seating for your guests. Depending on the products you choose, ask your Rockwall Landscape Design technician what options are most suitable for your needs.

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